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Google Analytics 4  

R.I.S.E. Success Program

How you can survive the sunsetting of Universal Analytics
and thrive with Google Analytics 4

With live online support you will:

  • Run reports using templates so you more easily see Google Analytics 4 (GA4) vs Universal Analytics (UA) differences. Avoid the darkness when UA sunsets in July 2023 

  • Identify savvy strategies to deal with the unavoidable differences between your UA and GA4 data 

  • Successfully set-up GA4 to give you insightful data across apps and websites as your users traverse multiple devices

  • Enjoy a steady stream of insights to multiply your leads and sales to boost your impact and your payday​

  • Install GA4 on a website 
    and create dynamic
    custom reports 
    in 4 weeks or less!


    I want to SAVE!


    Founder and leader of ClickInsight, June believes everyone has hidden growth potential and that growth can be unlocked by thinking differently about data and analytics. Clients helped have included Fortune 500, non-profits, education and government sectors.

    Striving to support all seeking growth, June's commitment is to deepen understanding of simple core principles that are easy to follow, not just help with the mechanics of "how".

    Teaching is hands-on and guided.

    You will learn, do and understand.

    That’s a promise.  

    June Li
    ClickInsight Corporation


    You will learn how to:

  • Plan your analytics setup and/or migration from Universal Analytics (UA) to Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

  • ​Identify what is important to track

  • ​Choose the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your business and marketing goals

  • Set up GA4 to collect the right data

  • ​Build useful reports to monitor your performance and progress

  • Analyze the data collected and get value from it


    BONUS - Group Q&A and Replays ($5,997 Value)

    Sometimes your questions will only surface weeks (or months) after training is over. Don't worry. We are supporting you with a full year with monthly group coaching Q&A calls.

  • We are supporting you for a full 12 months.

  • Join live and ask questions, or submit questions in advance. Can't attend? Watch the replay. 

  • Bonus topics covered throughout the year as issues arise. What issues? In other programs, over the past year, we have discussed:

  • iOS14 and iOS15 impact on view through and email open data

  • ​Google Analytics 4. What's the best strategy for you, your team, your organization?

  • ​Heads-up on Real Time Reporting issues in Universal Analytics

  • BONUS - Universal Analytics Training ($1,187 Value)

    Want Universal Analytics Training first to work with the data you have now?Learn at your own speed with our Power Up Google Analytics On-Demand Video Course. Hands-on exercises with real live Universal Analytics data mean you learn by doing.

  • For those of you raring to go right now, four modules ready for you, covering the basics of Universal Analytics to advanced topics like custom reports and segments. Binge watch and ask questions in the Q&A sessions (although we'd like to focus on GA4 in the Q&A, we'll still answer your UA questions)

  • For those of you who want to learn at a gentler pace, you have access to this training for a year. If you are interrupted, resume and replay at your convenience.

  • Note that Universal Analytics live data collection stops in 2023.You will have the ability to analyze UA data that has been collected for at least 6 months after.

  • BONUS - Templates ($1,377 Value)

    Dashboard templates, marketing campaign templates, planning templates and more!  
    Shortcuts to save you time and money so that you maximize your genius amplifying results.

    The next best thing to a Google Analytics "Easy Button".

  • BONUS - Group Q&A and Replays ($5,997 Value)

  • For those of you who want a place to experiment (for example - tracking additional ad pixels), we'll get you started with Google Analytics 4 in Google Tag Manager on a free Google Blogger site. So you can play and test without putting your live websites at risk.

  • Your very own, brand new Google Analytics account

  • Your very own, brand new Google Tag Manager account

  • BONUS - Live Event Ticket ($1,449 Value) for only $47

    Our next live interactive workshop event. Date to be announced. One discounted tuition ticket to IMPACT: Grow with Google Analytics.

  • Total Value of Your Bonuses ... $12,297


    Pay in Full $1,497*
    Or 3 Installments of $647 

    *Your Pay-in-Full Bonus

    Signing up with the single payment option of $1,497 CAD gets you this additional bonus...

    Google Analytics 4
    Basic Audit

    $2,997 value

    After you've completed your #MeasureImpact Measurement Plan, we'll audit the Google Analytics 4 setup for one website of your choosing.

  • ​Taking action on suspect data is risky to your business, your organization, your career 

  • ​ Without knowing what the data gaps are, how can you fix them?

  •  Not fixing these gaps will block the success you seek and the impact you desire will block the success you seek and the impact you desire

  • Got questions?  Ask us!

    Absolutely risk-free offer
    to you with our

    NO QUIBBLE 14 Day

    100% Money Back Guarantee

    "Incredibly valuable GA partner! – We’ve worked with ClickInsight both to help with the initial tagging of our website and have received Google Analytics Training from them. June and her team at ClickInsight have been incredibly helpful in the set up of our site and have ensured it is tagged to the highest levels."

    – Patrick Codrington


    "Helpful, Knowlegable and Quick – ClickInsight helped us with cross-site scripting, and conversion tracking between our marketing automation platform and our website. Their knowledgeable staff quickly responded to our requests and implemented a solution in a tight timeline. Highly recommend working with them."

    – Edward Stephens

    “My Trusted Google Analytics Experts – I worked with ClickInsight for 3 years and they turned the very complex and frustrating task of tagging and tracking multiple websites with the same content into a pleasant and manageable one. They also armed us with the tools and knowledge we needed to execute reports and adjust tracking for the future."

    – Shannon Clement
    Engagement Marketing Canada

    Live Training & Q&A Calls

    All calls will be on Zoom. Replays will be available.

    Live Welcome.

    Join us at 1pm ET the Wednesday after you sign up.


    All core modules available

    upon registration completion.

    Special Topic Bonus Calls to be Announced


    Access to Live Office Hours every week for your first four weeks in R.I.S.E. at 11am ET Fridays

    What happens after week 5?

    Join us monthly for 11 months of Live Office Hours the first Thursday of every month at 11 am ET

    Remember, Universal Analytics stopped collecting data on July 1, 2023.
    Google is continuing to upgrade GA4 continously.
    Find out the latest in monthly calls. We'll be there with you until Universal Analytics sunsets.

    Your mission should you choose to accept it is to ...


    Celebrate your GA4 Website Installation

    in 4 weeks or less!

    Use our templates to create dynamic reports 

    that deliver the right data

    at the right time

    so that you 

    amplify every dollar spent 

    into noticeably more leads and sales.

    You can do this!

    Join us today!